IntelliQ B2B utilizes a wide range of quantitative research methodologies for the research studies we conduct for our clients.  These include:

CATI Telephone Research

IntelliQ B2B has its own CATI telephone research facility with a staff of mature interviewers experienced in interviewing senior decision makers.  Both quantitative and in-depth qualitative telephone research are done.

Internet/Online Research

IntelliQ B2B has fielded more than 100 internet research surveys for respondents throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Complex branching and text substitution capabilities expand the capabilities of the Internet Survey.

Paper Surveys

Optical scanning equipment provides rapid analysis of large quantities of paper surveys.

Data Analysis and Reports

IntelliQ B2B offers a wide range of data analysis methodologies including cross-tabulations, significance testing, regression analysis, factor analysis, analysis of variance, cluster/segment analysis, multivariate analysis, conjoint analysis and SIMALTO.