At IntelliQ B2B our services and capabilities extend well beyond North America.  Over the years, we have developed a track record meeting and exceeding the global research needs and expectations of our diverse client base, including the ability and capacity to conduct research projects in all of the developed economies as well as the recently emerged and newly emerging countries around the world.  At last count IntelliQ B2B has collected information directly from B2B respondents in more than 55 different countries using focus groups, face-to-face on-site interviews, and telephone as well as online data collection methods.  In all of our international research, we typically conduct the research in the native language of the respondents and translate their responses into our client's desired language. 

Since our founding in 1987, IntelliQ B2B has supported our clients' market research and intelligence needs ranging from routine market descriptive characteristics and business practices studies to extensive market opportunity and segmentation studies as well as new product feature/function preference trade-off studies using advanced statistical tools such as conjoint or Simalto analysis.  Our goal as always is to empower our clients with the facts and actionable insights they need to maximize their potential and success in their targeted markets.     

We can also recommend and/or provide access to a variety of useful international business resources, such as those available from the U.S., EEC, and other government sources.     Through the Department of Commerce's Strategic Export Initiative, for instance, we assist clients in accessing sources of financial assistance, identifying potential distributors and international trade show participation.   Recently, IntelliQ B2B Research's managing partner, Dr. Paul Weener, in conjunction with Penn State University's Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) conducted an export opportunities webinar with Doug Barry, a Senior Trade Specialist from the Department of Commerce.  You can access this webinar on the ISBM web site by clicking here

The following are examples of recent international projects conducted by IntelliQ B2B. 

MACHINE REPLACEMENT PARTS: A major US manufacturer of replaceable machine components wanted to know the size of the market for their products in food processing equipment in multiple countries in Europe and South America as well as India and China.  IntelliQ B2B interviewed 300 maintenance managers who were responsible for purchasing these products by telephone. We obtained information about the frequency of replacement, their requirements for performance, who they purchased from, how much they purchased per year, and what their perceptions were of the suppliers about whom they were aware. We were able to project the size of the market for a particular machine component as well as to recommend a particular segment of the food processing market. This segment had unique needs which matched the strength of our client.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Another client wanted to know what would be the optimal set of features for their next generation of on-line printers.  Using the SIMALTO process for identifying optimal features, IntelliQ B2B interviewed more than 300 decision makers in Europe, China and North America. We were able to identify the features that would lead to the greatest market share for their unique product. In addition, we were able to distinguish between the features that should be offered in a lower price and a higher price version of the product.   Participants were recruited by telephone to respond to an Internet version of this trade-off methodology.  In China, the interviews were done on-site in face-to-face interviews. Our client was able to make evidence based decisions about the features of next generation products.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY: Many B2B American manufacturing companies sell their products through distributors and have little direct contact with the customers who are using their products.  IntelliQ B2B has conducted numerous customer surveys for companies who sell their products through distributors. This information has proved to be very valuable to our clients who get to see their product directly through the eyes of the users.  The customer feedback identifies specific processes or machine features that need to be improved in order to expand market share, whereas competitor information we collect provides valuable insight into strategic decisions about expanding business development efforts into specific geographical areas.