Distributor Satisfaction and Loyalty

Many B2B American manufacturing companies sell their products through distributors and have little direct contact with the customers who are using their products. We have conducted customer surveys for several companies who sell their products through distributors. This information has proved to be very valuable to our clients who get to see their product directly through the eyes of the users. We always collect competitor information in these customer surveys. The competitor information provides valuable input into strategic decisions about expanding business development efforts into specific geographical areas. The customer feedback identifies specific processes or machine features that need to be improved in order to expand market share.

Customer and Employee Feedback Drives Increased Revenue and Profitability

A large equipment manufacturer uses IntelliQ B2B for gathering detailed customer feedback on its products, service, and delivery. IntelliQ B2B provides timely and highly detailed feedback that is used to fine-tune its service and delivery process. Using this information, the manufacturer was able to reduce down time, improve customer satisfaction scores, and improve loyalty to its brand.

IntelliQ B2B secondary and primary research services provide clear picture of market potential for Compressed Natural Gas pressure regulators

A major multi-national manufacturer of precision machinery was interested in learning about the market for and design of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pressure regulators in markets around the world.  IntelliQ B2B was contracted to gather CNG market and pressure regulator information regarding the North American market.  Using secondary sources as well as primary research involving contacting vehicle and regulator OEMs, natural gas coalitions, government research agencies and users of CNG pressure regulators, we provided the client with a clear picture of CNG market segments, market trends, and the factors that would influence growth over the next 5 years.

Worldwide Pricing and Positioning Study Supports New Product Launch 

The client company with an international clientele wanted to determine a pricing, product positioning, and strategy for the introduction of a new product.  The company needed to identify market differences over several continents and put together the correct product configuration for each market, at the right price point.  IntelliQ B2B developed a market instrument and market simulator to represent the markets surveyed.  The result was a two tiered pricing strategy and optimally configured product for two distinct markets. 

IntelliQ B2B Services Support Fortune 1000 Manufacturers' Business Development and Growth

We’ve helped some of the largest manufacturers in the world address new product development, organizational assessment, new market entry, customer satisfaction, and competitive positioning.  Some of our clients include leaders in Construction and Mining Equipment, Power Generation Systems, Commercial and Industrial Transportation, Elevators and Escalators, Machine Tools and Equipment and countless more.

Image and Brand Perception Study Improves Market Positioning

An international specialty paper products company was concerned about the effectiveness of its recent marketing and branding efforts. This company also wanted to understand the market’s perceptions of its brand and overall reputation. IntelliQ B2B conducted a comprehensive assessment of the company brand and the image of its products and services. IntelliQ B2B was able to provide a clear understanding of the client’s overall image, an assessment of its brand equity, and a detailed diagnostic analysis of its many products and services. This study led to key recommendations on products/services improvements and improved market positioning.


IntelliQ B2B has significant experience in the transportation sector, having worked for a number of transportation manufacturers as well as a variety of public sector transportation departments.

Statistical analyses services play key role in state and local level long range transportation planning projects

In addition to our involvement at the statewide level in Pennsylvania, IntelliQ B2B also provides valuable services for local planning agencies in the State College area involving long-range transportation plan project scoring.  As experts in rating scales and data collection procedure, were contracted to conduct a validation of the process by advanced statistical analyses on the results.


IntelliQ B2B research and consulting services instrumental in exloring new markets and launching new telecommunications products

In partnership with a leading Telecommunications consulting firm, IntelliQ B2B has conducted over a hundred telecommunications-related projects.  These projects include helping telephone companies launch new products, assess new markets, measure product demand, and track satisfaction among other efforts.


While we have specialties, many clients come to us (and keep coming back!) with various information needs, especially in the business-to-business field. There are few stones that we haven’t overturned in terms of helping clients answer critical business questions.

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