Dedication to the understanding of business trends and issues is central to the mission of IntelliQ B2B.  We care deeply about providing high quality, results-oriented actionable information that will help our clients make intelligent, thoughtful, and meaningful decisions.

  • IntelliQ B2B has been in business for nearly 25 years. During this period, we have conducted thousands of studies all across America and many other countries around the globe in a variety of B2B sectors.  This vast experience provides deep insights that can only be acquired over time.

  • While the majority of IntelliQ B2B’s studies encompass the manufacturing, transportation, management consulting and educational sectors, our expertise in reaching hard to reach populations transcends industry. Our consultants and analysts have a better understanding of the issues, problems, and opportunities that exist in the industry segments we focus on and have conducted a far greater number and variety of market research studies.

  • IntelliQB2B turns answers into advantages for our clients.   Our veteran team of market research professionals consult with, and work alongside our clients translating high-quality data into actionable insights and relevant strategic recommendations and action plans.

  • IntelliQ B2B has a strong commitment to high standards of quality assurance and accountability.  Our project management process and daily quality checks ensure the reliability and validity of our work.   Each research study is thoroughly reviewed by our professional management team and certified before the final report is issued.

  • IntelliQ B2B uses high quality sampling and data collection methods. We have the ability to complete complicated and difficult studies that involve multiple market segments. Our research frequently involves interviews or surveys with respondents who are both difficult to reach and who have precise information to impart. The complexity of the data we collect requires rigorous quality assurance protocols. These protocols are designed to assure that our sampling and data collection process meets or exceeds industry standards for every project.